Aims and Scope

The objectives of the passive defense quarterly are as follows:

Dissemination and transmission of passive defense acquisition and criteria in territorial development plans and country development plans;

Publication of new scientific achievements about vital, sensitive and important centers, places and facilities in the field of passive defense;

empowerment in providing maximum safety and stability and minimizing the vulnerability of infrastructure against threats;

Empowerment in the production of indigenous technical knowledge with research and research support in the field of passive defense with a high deterrence effect and with success at the national, regional and global levels;

Development and publication of achievements and results of scientific and research innovations in the following fields:

1.Defense fortifications (simulation of impact, infiltration and explosion) New technologies in resistant materials, Hydraulic structures, buried and semi-buried structures, underground structures, tunnels, etc.

2.Territorial Planning and Defense (Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS), Location of Vital and Sensitive Centers, Distribution, Safe Areas, etc.)

3.CCD (new camouflage, concealment, modern coatings, deceptive models, detection methods, etc.)

4.Crisis management due to aggression (command and control, production continuity, localization, population control)

5.Soft defense (psychological warfare and propaganda, public media, threats, etc.

6.Cyber ​​(Information Technology, Network and Software Security, Threats, Electronic Warfare, Safe and Emergency Telecommunications, etc.

7.Medicine (New Technologies, Combat Medicine, Nutrition, Field Emergency, etc.)

8.Dam and Obstacle, Blue Defense (Blue War) Communication Lines, Barriers and Simulation of Defense.

9.Disabling EMP, HMP, Electromagnetic, Graphite, Laser, Audio, Biological and Strategies.