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Start of publication: 2009

Credit of the publication: Scientific-Research

Specialized field: Passive Defense

Type of articles to be published: Research, promotional

Publication status: Print and Electronic

Publication sequence: Quarterly

Journal language: Persian (English abstract)

Cooperation with the association: The country's passive defense association

Type of arbitration: Closed arbitration (double blind) Peer Review and 2 Reviewer

Average time for judging articles: 3 Months Maximum 

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Citation method: IEEE

The Cost of reviewing and publishing the article: Free

Article Processing, Publishing and judging Charges: Free for review process and publication

Status of access to the full text of articles: Open access and free download

Type of License: CC- BY

Fields related to the Passive Defense Journal

 Defense fortifications (impact simulation, penetration and explosion) new technologies in resistant materials, buried and semi-buried structures, underground structures, tunnels and hydraulic structures

Dams and barriers, water defense, barriers and defense simulations

Land acquisition and defense (spatial information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS), locating vital and sensitive centers and complexes, safe areas and collective shelters, multi-purpose

Physical defense (protection of infrastructure, vital arteries, energy transmission lines, etc.)
CCD (modern camouflage, concealment, modern covers, decoy replicas, identification methods, etc.)
Invasion crisis management engineering
Energy Management
People-oriented defense (civilian defense and its combination), urban defense
Cyber defense and resilience
Other related matters

*Important points that authors should note:

  1. Respected authors are requested to follow the format of the publication in order to speed up the review and judging process.
  2. Also complete and sign the commitment letterconflict of interest form and authors profile form by the responsible author and then upload it to the journal system when submitting.
  3. In order to prevent plagiarism, Journal of Passive Defense uses the Matching system (Samim Noor or Irandak system) at the time of submitting the article. (Link to the guide to the plagiarism detetor system)
  4. Respecting the rules of ethics in publications, this Journal is subject to the rules of the Committee on Ethics in Publication (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and combating fraud in Scientific Works.
Current Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1 - Serial Number 57, April 2024, Pages 1-132 

Original Article

Elaborating Resilience Indices in Petroleum Product Transmission Line Projects

Pages 1-11

G. hajimoradi; Armin Rajabpoor; habibolah sahami

Rereading the Principles and Concepts of Passive Defense in the Historical City of Masouleh

Pages 47-60

Saeid Hasanpour Loumer; Ahad Nejad Ebrahimi; Hassan Sattari Sarbangholi; Ali Vandshoari

Systematic Analysis of Safety Indicator in Security and Cyber Defense of Knowledge-Based Organizations in the Iran

Pages 87-103

alireza alizadeh soodmand; Kiamarth Fathi Hafeshjani; Ashraf Shah Mansouri; Abuzar Arab Sorkhi

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