Publons Membership Guide

Guide to Publons

Publons is a service for researchers, by using which the researcher can introduce his/her referees at the international level and provide the possibility of tracking and formalizing it. After registering the referees in the Pablones database, the referees will be displayed in this database separately from the publications.

Registration procedures in Pablones

1) Log in to Pablones: (link);

2) After registering and registering information, membership confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail;

3) After completing the membership, it is necessary to enter it in Pablones after judging each article. There are two ways to add referees in Pablones.

The first method: automatic addition: in some publications, when you make a review, you are asked if you want your review to be automatically added to Pablones. In this case, by clicking on the (Yes) option in the journal system, the judgment will be automatically transferred to the Pablones system and added.

The second method: Some publications, such as the Passive Defense Journal, have not done the automatic process of registering referees in Pablones, and this is done manually. Therefore, the respected referees are requested to forward the text of the email you received as a thank you from the publication for conducting the refereeing to the address

4) After receiving the response from Pablones, the review will be added to the number of your reviews in this system, and thus the number of verified reviews and the name of the publication will be displayed in the system.


Respected referees of the Passive Defense quarterly are requested to join this database.

Pablones guide (link)