Peer Review Process

Initial review:

This stage takes a maximum of one week.

1- The publication expert: in the first stage, he checks the article in terms of the completeness of the submitted files, compliance with the writing points and the format of the publication, and if it is complete, he sends it to the specialized editor.

2- Specialized editor: In the second stage, he examines the article in terms of its relevance to the main points of the publication and the overall review of the article's content, and in case of acceptance, he notifies the editor of the referees to judge the article.


At this stage, the article is evaluated by two Reviewer, and after giving their opinion, several situations arise:

  • If two reviewers reject the paper, the paper will be rejected.
  • If the opinion of the two reviewers is for the general revision of the article, the article will be given to the author for revision.
  • If the opinion of one Reviewer is partial approval or revision and the opinion of another Reviewer is rejection of the article, the article will be sent to the third Reviewer and according to the opinion of the third Reviewer, the decision will be made according to items 1 and 2.

** The Peer Review in this Journal is Double anonymous.

Final Review (Adaptive):

After the author revises and submits the article based on the Reviewer comments, the article will be given to one of the Reviewers with the editor's opinion for Adaptive evaluation. If accepted by the final Reviewer, the article will be accepted first.

editorial board:

At this stage, the article is reviewed by the editorial board, and if approved, the article is finally accepted and enters the publishing process.

Note: Any changes in the status of the article according to the mentioned steps can be tracked by the author in the system.

The stages of acceptance and evaluation of the article are described in the diagram below: