Guide for Authors

Guidelines for submitting articles to the journals of Imam Hossein Jame University (AS)

**Dear authors are requested to pay attention to the following points when submitting the article.

The submitted article should not have been previously published in any journal and should not be sent to another journal while being judged by this journal.


To submit an article, enter the publication's website and after registration, upload the article to the system.

Read the topics of the publication and make sure your article is related to one of the topics of the publication.

Necessary files that must be uploaded to the system when submitting an article:

1- The original file of the article in Word format

2- Authors profile file

3- Commitment letter file

4- Conflict of interest file

** It is mandatory to provide the e-mail address and mobile phone number of all the authors and introduce the 5 proposed expert reviewers when uploading the article.

Note: Make sure to print out the commitment and conflict of interest file and sign it manually, and then upload the scanned file. In addition, the file must be in PDF format or in the form of a photo.

Considering that the Peer Review process of the publication is anonymous (double-blind) and the name of the author and the Review are unknown to both parties,
Please remove the authors' names and authors' emails from the original article file and write the authors' names and degrees in the authors' profile file and then send it.

Note: It is recommended to refer at least 5 references to the previous articles of this university's publications. (It is not necessary that the referenced references are related to this publication, it is sufficient that only these 5 references are from university publications)

Publishing ethics

The scientific journal "Electronic and Cyber Defense" of Imam Hossein University (AS) follows the latest statement of the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE). For full access to these guidelines, definitions and rules, you can visit

This publication deals with any kind of plagiarism and non-respect of authors' rights in case of discovery and takes the necessary measures regarding the amount and type of error. All registered articles are carefully reviewed and studied to ensure that these works are free from plagiarism.

Some of the cases considered as plagiarism are as follows:

If the author uses another author's content verbatim without referring to the original source, or uses other people's shapes, diagrams and tables without citing the source or the changes made in the text of others, causing the loss of the rights of other authors, are considered examples of plagiarism, which, if observed according to the attached diagram, and based on the statement of the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE), the violators will be dealt with accordingly.

Acknowledgment: The author or authors are required to acknowledge the financial or spiritual sponsor or creditor of the research (if any) that they have used in writing the article at the end of the article.

Download the Persian flowchart of the Cope community here.

How to write

Note: It is necessary to include the unique identifier of DOR or DoI or both at the end of the references of each article.