Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1 - Serial Number 57, April 2024, Pages 1-132 

Original Article

Elaborating Resilience Indices in Petroleum Product Transmission Line Projects

Pages 1-11

G. hajimoradi; Armin Rajabpoor; habibolah sahami

Rereading the Principles and Concepts of Passive Defense in the Historical City of Masouleh

Pages 47-60

Saeid Hasanpour Loumer; Ahad Nejad Ebrahimi; Hassan Sattari Sarbangholi; Ali Vandshoari

Systematic Analysis of Safety Indicator in Security and Cyber Defense of Knowledge-Based Organizations in the Iran

Pages 87-103

alireza alizadeh soodmand; Kiamarth Fathi Hafeshjani; Ashraf Shah Mansouri; Abuzar Arab Sorkhi